Our Rubber Products

Automotive Industries

AutomotiveRubberParts1- Our rubber parts for auto industries are used directly by the automobile manufacturers and assemblers.
- Our products are compounded from a specific  or a combination of polymers to meet the stringent requirements of the auto industries.
- We supply rubber products with various resistance – oil resistance, heat resistance and others as required by the Buyers.
- Also see Technical Rubber Parts.

      Rubber Toys

      RubberToysThe nitrosoamine levels in all our Rubber Toys pass the test: based on F.D.A. (U.S.A) and B.G.A. (Germany. The nitrosoamine levels is well below 10 ppb (parts per billion)
      Also see medical rubber parts.

      General Industries

      • Custom-made to Buyers’ specifications and drawings.
      • Specific in-service tolerances of the rubber products required by industries can be manufactured.
      • Precision in dimensions are closely monitored and Profile Projector checked to ensure conformity.
      • Rubber compounds are tested for conformity to required endurance levels by independent Labs before commencement of production.
      • We are an enthusiastic supplier. 

      Electronic Industries

      Impregnated Anti-static Rubber Products for Electronic IndustriesImpregnatedAntiStaticPlugs

      • The anti-static element is permanently impregnated in the rubber products.
      • Our rubber products are resistant to FREON and most of the solvents.
      • Rubber materials are bio-degradable. They do not pose any environmental problem during disposal by end users worldwide.
      • Rubber materials can withstand higher temperature than other short-chain polymers.
      • Rubber materials are elastic and more versatile than rigid materials.
      • The use of Rubber End Plugs eliminate the use of tools or cutting devices, plug in, plug out with hand only. These easy on, easy off operations save valuable time, yet provide efficient plugging.

      Medical Industry

      • We product medical rubber parts from specially selected rubber to prevent in-service pyrogenic effect exuding from the products.
      • Rates and types of chemicals used are FDA approved.
      • Production and handlings are done under clean conditions.
      • Products are washed, leached and dried before being packed in approved packing.



      ImageField of Specialization

      We are specialized in Technical & Medical Rubber Products.

      Base Polymers

      ImageTypes of Production

      Natural, Silicone & Other Synthetic Rubbers. Our Product Range Includes O-Rings, Seals, Grommets, Die Cut, Rubber Metal, Bonded Parts, Transfusion Set Rubber Connector, Railway Dampers Etc.

      Industries Served

      ImageFields of Usage

      Medical, Electronics, Automotive, Toys & General Industries, Specialist in Antistatics & Custom-Made Materials.