Medical Industry

  • We product medical rubber parts from specially selected rubber to prevent in-service pyrogenic effect exuding from the products.
  • Rates and types of chemicals used are FDA approved.
  • Production and handlings are done under clean conditions.
  • Products are washed, leached and dried before being packed in approved packing.



ImageField of Specialization

We are specialized in Technical & Medical Rubber Products.

Base Polymers

ImageTypes of Production

Natural, Silicone & Other Synthetic Rubbers. Our Product Range Includes O-Rings, Seals, Grommets, Die Cut, Rubber Metal, Bonded Parts, Transfusion Set Rubber Connector, Railway Dampers Etc.

Industries Served

ImageFields of Usage

Medical, Electronics, Automotive, Toys & General Industries, Specialist in Antistatics & Custom-Made Materials.